Thon Eiendom is a part of The Olav Thon Group

The Olav Thon Group is Norway's largest private real estate player and comprises a number of companies, of which the core businesses are Thon Eiendom and Thon Hotels.


Approx. NOK 66.6 billion in store turnover at the Olav Thon Group's Norwegian shopping centres in 2021.

In 2021, the Olav Thon Group’s operating revenues totalled NOK 10.28 billion, and the group employed approximately 2,390 full-time equivalents. The listed Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASA is part of the Group.

The Olav Thon Group’s head office is located on Stenersgata 2 in the centre of Oslo. Close by we find a number of the group’s properties, including the Arkaden and Gunerius shopping centres, Thon Hotel Terminus and Spektrum P-hus.

Thon Eiendom is the group’s real estate division and market leader in Norway. The business areas include housing, commercial real estate and shopping centres.

Thon Hotels is one of the country’s largest hotel chains with hotels throughout Norway, as well as in Stockholm, Brussels and Rotterdam.

The Olav Thon Group also has several smaller businesses that are part of the group, including parking companies, restaurants and the Recycling Lottery (Pantelotteriet).

The Group is owned by the Olav Thon Foundation, which gives parts of the profits to various charitable and non-profit causes each year.

At the establishment of the Olav Thon Foundation in 2013, Olav Thon stated this:
"It is important to me that the Olav Thon Group is managed in the best possible way in the future, so that the company provides safe workplaces for all employees, and at the same time can work for the non-profit causes that I want to support and for society in general. My conclusion is that ensuring the continued overall development of the Olav Thon Group, while at the same time providing parts of the results the company creates for various non-profit causes, is the best contribution I can make to society."

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